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Join or host your favourite TV Shows, Films & Sports Event
Chat Group!

Sync to the playback of the show and never experience any spoilers.
Available on iPhone & iPad


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Own The Loop

Improve Your TV Experience with Crowd Maestro

Special Events

Join the conversation during events such as​ the Oscars​, the Grammy’s or sporting events​ such as the UFC​, ​NBA and more​.​


Never miss a joke​. Catch all your friends reactions with Crowd Maestro’s ability to stop, pause and stay in sync with the program​. ​

No Spoilers

Do you turn off social media to avoid spoilers? Enjoy watching your favorite show and participate in the conversation without any spoilers.

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Explore Crowd Maestro

Engage passionate fans from around the world!

  • Live Events
  • Play back events
  • Start & Stop Conversation
  • Disable Ads
  • Skip Ads
  • Public & Private Groups
  • Time-Synced
  • Explore Categories

Available on iPhone & iPad